Saturday, June 28, 2008

Black Lab - WIP 2

You saw Audley come together in my last post, so now some progress shots of his other half, Lola.

There’s not much left to do now – just Lola’s mouth and collar plus touch ups here and there and it should be finished.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Black Lab - a WIP

I love Labradors and they’re definitely up there when it comes to my favourite breed of dog. I’ve drawn the yellow and chocolate and wanted the opportunity to do the black so was delighted when I got not one, but three, to do (one double), almost one after the other. What is it they say about buses:)

I’m currently working my way through the second of the three on my list. This one is a double portrait and I thought I would show some progress shots for anyone interested in how my drawings come together.

This is Audley, coloured pencil (as if I need to tell you that) on Fabriano paper. I must admit to having been unsure of the reference photo I worked from to begin with, but while working on his portrait actually think it shows a lot of his character. His owners certainly think so.

Tomorrow I will show you Lola - you can see a bit of her ear on the last pic.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Royal Highland Show

The last four days has seen the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh. According to their website it is Scotland’s biggest outdoor event and is one of the UK’s top agricultural shows attracting over 150,000 visitors each year. That is a lot of people and why I had hoped to have a tradestand at this years show had I been more organised. Keeping my fingers crossed and mind focused for next year but until then I need to build a cohesive body of work and spend some time developing my artistic style I think.
Exhibiting or not, I always make a point of going and made no exception this year – it’s actually a great day out, despite it being expensive, and well worth a visit if you can make it. This year I took my camera along hoping to get photos of the Clydesdale horses. I wasn’t disappointed and managed to take about 90 photos before I was dragged away by my bored daughter. They were gorgeous, so big and powerful looking, and I could quite happily have spent the whole day with them. Not to worry, hopefully I’ll have some great reference photos to work from.
Back in the studio I’m working away on two black labs and should have some work in progress shots to show you soon. Until then here is ‘one I finished earlier’ – an elderly black lab by the name of Bert.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Border Collie montage - finished

Bill and Molly
20x16 Coloured Pencil
Private commission
Again I find I’ve deserted my blog but must admit I hadn’t realised it had been so long since my last post. Keeping a blog definitely brings home, for me anyway, just how quickly time flies. In my defence I didn’t have anything finished to show or anything remotely interesting to say or report.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my montage which I am pleased to say is now finished and been approved. Working on this for so long and looking at their photos on almost a daily basis for the last month or so, I feel like I have really got to know both dogs personally and will miss them.

Something completely different I’ve been working on and recently finished is a pencil portrait of two ladies, another commissioned piece. Graphite is definitely my preferred medium when drawing people but I still use the same technique as I would if using coloured pencils – slowly building up layer after layer of pencil until I get the depth I am after. I also tend to prefer the harder lead – here I used a 5H, 4H, 2H, H, B and 2B.

16x12 Graphite Pencil
Private commission

Next on my easel are two black labs and I will blog my progress as I work on them. Also need to finish work for the UKCPS exhibition – closing date for entries is the 9th July so had better get a move on.