Monday, May 31, 2010


I’ve made a start on another graphite drawing and beginning to wonder if I’ll ever use my coloured pencils again! It feels almost strange doing one pencil drawing after the next having worked almost exclusively with coloured pencil for the past 6 years, but at the same time I like not having to think about colour and instead just concentrate on the tones. I find pencil very relaxing – exactly what I need just now. Picasso had his Blue Period and it looks like I'm having my ‘Graphite Period’:D Just as well really, as I’ve packed my coloured pencils away, amongst other things of course, ready for when my daughter and I move house.

The subject of this drawing is a very handsome boxer called Hugo. I blame him entirely for my love of Boxers and it was thanks to him that we got our own little Boxer, Zara, who sadly no longer lives with us. This is one of those drawings I’ve promised myself I’ll do but never got round to doing! Not much left to do on him now.

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010


25cm x 20cm, Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Summer looks like it has eventually arrived and, as you do, I spent the weekend making the most of the sun and socialising with friends – only problem is I’m now a lovely shade of red and a bit sore so must remember to apply more sun cream in future!

I’m not one to sit patiently at my drawing board when the sun is out unfortunately – I need to be out there enjoying it! This of course means less time drawing but I do spend that time constructively thinking of ways to market my art and about short term and long term goals I need to work towards. As I am currently unable to accept commissions this is the perfect time to research and think about what I want and need to achieve.

Being represented by a gallery was something I intended working towards and thanks to a very good artist friend who pushed me to do something about it that goal is now almost a reality. Not giving too much away until things are finalised, a gallery in England is very interested in my drawings which I’m delighted about. Certainly gives me much needed confidence to approach other galleries in the future.

My latest drawing ‘Focused’ above is of a Weimaraner – I just love drawing this breed so no doubt you will see more appearing in future pieces. There are progress shots of this drawing on my Facebook page for anyone that is interested.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


24.5cm x 19cm, Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

I’m running a bit behind with updating my blog lately and seem to put everything art related on my Facebook page much quicker – probably has something to do with the fact I’m on Facebook all the time! I will need to try and keep on top of it in future though.

The Weim I was working on a couple of weeks ago is now finished, titled and ready for the framers where I will choose a mount for it.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to what colour of mount looks best with graphite, especially now with all the pencil drawings I’ve been doing. In the past I’ve always gone with a dark ‘ash’ or ‘coal’ grey and was very happy with this choice until another graphite artist, whose work I admire a great deal, says this ‘kills’ the drawing and that I should be using white or cream. I’ve tried this and personally think that because I have a plain white background to my drawings it is too much white and the drawing is lost. Even light grey doesn’t seem right somehow – looks ‘washed out’. I’ll maybe try double mounting this time with various greys and whites but can’t help thinking I’ll stay with my old favourites. Would love to know if you have any thoughts on this.