Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and followers of my blog a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me throughout the year, I’ve enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments and emails. Here’s to 2012 where I hope you will continue to join me on my artistic journey.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still here!

Time Out
37cm x 27cm
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
My thanks to Steph Greaves for the use of her photograph

Has it really been over two months since my last post, think that might be a record for me and could make me a contender for the worst, or laziest, blogger if there was such an award going about! But then this is an art blog and, in my defence, I’ve not been drawing much in that time so had nothing to show - I’m guessing of course that 99.9% of my followers come to see my work and not my ramblings. Instead I’ve been doing a little bit of this and that and hidden myself away from the world of blogging while I busily work on my business plan/goals/aims for next year and generally think about where I want to go, and be, with my art……. and in my personal life. I see lots happening and big changes in 2012 so plenty to think about. I needed to sit back and take stock of (many) things and think the time out has helped - certainly made things clearer. Lots of ideas, plans and things I want to do and achieve over the coming months/year but not going to go into that here on my blog just yet. Hopefully you will see and hear about some of the changes soon enough anyway.

Something else I’ve given some thought to is my blog! I want, no, need, to make changes here too – give it an update of sorts and include new things. Something more than showing just what I’ve been drawing – yes? No? I feel I’m just ‘plodding along’ with my blog and fear losing interest in it so want to do more with it if I can. I have a few ideas I’m playing around with but if there is anything you would like to see me include/do then please let me know – all suggestions welcome.

And, despite my spending very little time at the drawing board, I still managed to include a drawing I started back in April of this year and finished recently. Hope you like it.