Thursday, June 27, 2013


10''x 10'', pencil on Mellotex paper
Original sold

What a past week it has been!! Lots of good, nice, happy things happening and then some not so good. But not going to dwell on the not so good for now thank you very much – it can sod off and karma can deal with it.

Finished the ‘secret’ commission I’ve been working on and I can hopefully share it here next week. Needs to make its way to Italy first – still get excited when I think of my drawings making their way to homes around the world. So now I am trawling my way through hundreds of photos taken at the Royal Highland Show last week, which incidentally was fantastic as ever and a great two days was had, to decide which is going to make it onto paper first. It’s not often I’m spoilt for reference choice. 

‘Beau’ was drawn from photos taken at last years show and it was my intention to do a limited run of prints from this but being the pernickety, perfectionist I am when it comes to my art they just didn’t match up enough to the original drawing in my eyes and so no prints ……. except that is for 5 artist proofs I still have. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out and felt they were too good, again in my eyes, to bin so I have signed, mounted and wrapped them ready to sell at a one off price of £25 plus p&p. Image size is 10’’x 10’’ and mounted, 14’’x 14’’. I’ve also mentioned this over on my FB page so I’d be quick if interested, sold three already!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Still working but ........

22cm x 33.5cm, pencil on Mellotex paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2013
My thanks to Francesca Morrison for allowing me to use her photo

I’d be a terrible boss so I would, or a great one depending on how you look at it, first bit of sun and I’d have everyone out enjoying it. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing lately, my reasoning being that this could be it, this could be our summer so best make the most of it. And it is so good to have some sun at last, thought it was never coming. Thankfully the nights are long and it’s getting dark late so I can make up my drawing time in the evenings. My camera is often out with me during the day so really I am still working in a way, she says convincingly.

I’m working on a commission just now that I can’t share just yet, end of June hopefully. But I did finish the horse from a couple of posts back and can show this. I’m really happy with how this drawing turned out and had intended entering it into a show later in the year but, I’m delighted to say, it has been sold. And I couldn’t be happier with where it is going. Still need to come up with a title though, something else to think about in the sun tomorrow perhaps ;)