Saturday, August 28, 2010


29cm x 21cm, Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Two down, one to go – drawings that is, for the exhibition I’ve been going on about in previous posts. I’m really enjoying working on this small series of drawings (and soon paintings) but need to get more Lab reference photos to work from I think as I’m running low.

I’m calling this piece ‘Patience’ as it reminds me so much of our dog Zara when she was at puppy classes. She would have to sit about 5 feet away from a very tasty, tantalizing treat that I’d placed on the floor and not touch it until I gave the command. She would have her eyes fixed on me the whole time, quickly checking now and again that her treat hadn’t moved, and willing me to let her get at it. It was hard not to feel a bit nasty when doing this, especially when she started drooling at the mouth and stared at me with those big brown eyes of hers. Really do miss her.

I’ve made a start on my next drawing – another black Lab but a different model. And just as handsome too! Should have progress shots of this to blog over the next few days.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Black Lab

29cmx23cm, Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

I’ve not had much time to draw lately as I’ve let everything away from the drawing board get on top of me to the point of feeling almost overwhelmed by it all. As a result I’ve been feeling run down and definitely not myself. The good thing about working with pencils is I can pick them up and do bits of drawing here and there when I can and put them down as quickly – no need to worry about clearing away things like paints and cleaning brushes. Only problem with working this way is drawings take even longer to complete! My daughter started back at school yesterday so hopefully I can get myself back into a routine and start working on my ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list.

I finished the black Lab I was working on and started another that I would say I am half way through drawing. I’ve included a couple of progress shots to show the stage I'm at with this one.

Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

It is my intention to enter both drawings (hopefully a third if time permits) to an art exhibition held here annually in November in aid of Cancer Research UK. Which reminds me – must fill in my entry form and get it posted!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Starting something new

Didn’t quite manage to finish the horse drawing as it got to the point where I was having to force myself to work on it and my motivation just wasn’t there. When I start looking for things to do after only 10 or 15 minutes of drawing, it’s best I put whatever I am working on to one side and start something new - this way I don’t end up rushing to finish it and possibly ruining it in the process. Hopefully I can go back to my horse at a later date with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm.

I’ve been thinking for some time now about doing a small series of Labrador drawings and paintings and it was really a case of finding the right reference material before I could make a start. A friend of mine has a gorgeous black lab and I was able to photograph him while visiting recently – not the easiest colour of dog to take photos of but got a few good ones for me to work with and I don’t have to go far should I need more. So now I have my references I can begin!

Thought I’d start with a pencil drawing (no surprise there then:))

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

There are a couple of exhibitions coming up that I want to enter work into this year so need to start looking into these and filling out the various entry forms. Then of course there is the question of what drawings/paintings to enter so I’d better get organised!