Sunday, May 19, 2013


12''x 10'', Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes
Copyright Laura Hardie 2013

Can’t believe it’s the middle of May already – where has the year gone! It’s around about this time that I start panicking about competition/exhibition pieces for shows I want to enter later in the year and deciding what I want to do for what, if I’ve done enough and if not will I have the time to do them. Trying to fit in a photography course I have started, and thoroughly enjoying, as well as Bella who is still very much a handful is making me panic that bit more. And of course I have my commissioned work to do. But it’s good being busy and I’ll get everything done. Staying positive at least.

I’m back working on the horse in my last post after taking a break to complete this coloured pencil portrait of Cassie, a Great Dane. I love Great Danes but will admit to being very slightly intimidated by their size when I first meet them. And you couldn’t get a better natured dog, very noble looking too.

Please do not use without permission from the artist