Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keeping busy

12''x 10'', Pencil on Mellotex paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2013

July has snuck up on me somehow (in fact, where has this year gone!) and I now find myself just weeks away from entry deadlines to an exhibition I want to submit work to with nothing to enter! Didn’t help I stupidly managed to get the dates wrong as I was convinced I had to the middle/end of August. So now I am literally stuck to my drawing board, commissions put to one side, working all hours in the hope I can produce something show worthy in the little time I have. Means I have been missing all this (rare) lovely sun we’ve been getting too ….. ok, so I may have succumbed a couple of times but I did make up for it later.

The ‘secret’ commission mentioned in my previous post made it safely to Italy, so I can now share it with you. Was good to have a horse commission to work on as I want to build my equine portfolio and concentrate more in this area in the future if I can. That's the plan anyway.