Thursday, January 27, 2011


Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

With so much going on in my life just now, I don’t like to plan too far ahead as more often than not something gets in the way of any I make therefore best to say that, all going well, it is my intention to spend the next few months working on various drawings of the horse. Hopefully I will have a drawing or two I am happy with for the SEA Exhibition in August. This is an exhibition I’ve thought about entering work to for the past couple of years but haven’t for one reason or other. Want to make more of an effort this year with exhibitions and shows – no excuses this time!

On my drawing board just now are two horses in a Point-to-Point race and up to this stage I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. It has been one of those drawings where I have struggled to put the pencil down when other things have needed doing, wanting to finish another part first, then another, and another. But as is nearly always the case when I’ve been working on a drawing for a long time I reach a ‘boredom stage’ nearing the end and can struggle to find the motivation to work on it. I find a short break away from it or working on something else helps to get the motivation back. I’m on the home stretch with this drawing now although lots of fiddly, time-consuming bits still left to do.

Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
My thanks to Sarah Clegg for allowing me to use her photograph

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Originals for sale

High Spirits
23.5cm x 25.5cm
Coloured Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

It’s been a strange week full of interruptions from one thing or another so have only managed to steal moments here and there at the drawing board - one thing I LOVE about working with pencils is their convenience, being able to pick them up where you left off and put them down just as easily. No worries of paint drying, cleaning palettes and brushes, putting paints away, etc, etc. I’m hoping next week is less busy as I have a painting I really need to make a start on.

29cm x 21cm
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

Regular readers of my blog may recognise the images in today’s post as they are drawings I’ve completed in the past year or so and are amongst others I now have available for sale. I thought I would mention this as I’ve recently updated both my blog (links to pages are at the top of the sidebar to the right) and website to show those currently available. And you never know, there may be somebody out there reading this post who is looking to invest in an original work of art and I have just what they were looking for!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Start

Graphite Pencil, 24cm x 24cm
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

The start of a New Year - my daughter said to me on the 1st that she feels it is going to be a good one for us and after the last two we’ve had I’m hoping she’s right - we’re definitely due a good year and I, for one, am looking forward to it. So here’s to 2011, may it be a happy, healthy and productive one for us all.

Normally over the Christmas break, in between eating way too much (I would say drinking and partying too but I’m a good girl:)) I give some thought to my art goals and plans for the coming year. In the past I’ve put those up for all to see – the more people that saw my goals, the more real they were, making me more accountable to them and seeing them through. Gives you that extra push, well that was my reasoning, but what you never take into account is life and what it can throw at you. Those life ‘challenges’ can really interfere with all your good intentions no matter how hard you try not to let them. So this year, while I do have a business plan (honest) and know where I want to be heading, I’m going to keep it to myself for the time being. While I feel a lot more positive and determined this year I’m not unrealistic - I’m still going through a very painful divorce and I know that when I get those papers through the post that it will hit me hard as anybody who has gone through a divorce will know. Hoping that keeping myself occupied with my art and trying to achieve my set goals will help take my mind of it. As would a gorgeous, kind, thoughtful, Adonis ……..oh, and a lottery win – one or both would be very nice and a great help I’m sure!

The picture in today’s post is a drawing of a horse I started back in July of last year but gave up working on as I had no motivation left to finish it. Amazing what a break from a piece and looking at it with fresh eyes can do - I’m a lot happier with it now and just need to come up with a suitable title. Any suggestions welcome. I’m now thinking about including more horses to my portfolio in the hope of getting a drawing or two into the SEA Exhibition this year.

I’d like to finish this post by welcoming all the new followers to my blog, over 200 of you – I’m delighted you like it enough to want to come back. It was a wonderful surprise to see Animal Art Adventures had been chosen by the Blogger team as their ‘Blog of Note’ (thank you Blogger team:)) – how exciting to see my blog recognised in this way. I hope you all continue to like my work in 2011 and I look forward to your thoughts and comments.