Sunday, June 26, 2011

Checking in......

And catching up!! Have started work on a pencil drawing of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier but it’s still very much in the early stages despite my good intentions of aiming to have it half finished by today. What started out as being a couple of ‘busy’ days away from the drawing board turned into more and simply means I’ll need to work that bit harder next week – still remain positive that I’ll have it finished in time so not panicking yet. Should definitely have some in-progress shots to show early next week.

One of my busy days was spent at the Royal Highland Show, which I always try and go to each year mainly because it’s now tradition but it’s also a great, if somewhat expensive, day out. I like to call it a mixture of work and pleasure and one year I hope to, no, will have my own stall there. I always go laden with my camera (the work part) looking for suitable reference photos of the animals on show for later use in my drawings. This year they (as in officials) made it difficult as for some reason lots of areas were cordoned off to the public unless you had a white wrist band – not sure how I go about getting one but have made a note to self to find out! So lots of zooming in with my camera was needed and only highlighted the fact that I want/need a better lens. I did manage to get a few good photos of Clydesdale horses that I really liked and can definitely see me using in the future but can’t help thinking how many more I could have had if I had a new lens……... obviously:)

Coloured Pencil, 32cm x 18.5cm
(With mount: 46cm x 31.5cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

As of last Monday there is a new drawing up for offer in the Dutch Auction with ‘Curiosity’ now sold and currently on its way to the US. It’s a coloured pencil drawing this time of a Morgan horse titled, believe it or not, ‘Morgan’. Drawn on Fabriano Artistico paper the image size is 32cm x 18.5cm and with mount (it comes double mounted/matted) the overall size is 46cm x 31.5cm. Regular readers of my blog will know by now how the Auction works but for anyone new and for those who can’t quite remember it basically works as follows ……

1. One drawing at a time will be auctioned here on my blog.
2. Every Monday the price will drop by £20 until it is either sold or reaches a predetermined and undisclosed reserve price and taken out of the auction.
3. Purchases will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Notifications should be made by way of email (see my contact details on sidebar).
4. Payments are accepted by credit/debit card via PayPal or cheque (UK bank accounts only).
5. Postage is an additional cost and will be determined by your location.

The starting price for ‘Morgan’ was £250 and as I’m going to be too busy drawing tomorrow to find the time to do anything else, including blogging, will drop the price by £20 a day early to £230.


Paca Sapena said...

Precioso caballo, me encanta el arte, aunque hace ya bastante que no pinto. También soy aficionada a los caballos, suelo montar cada miércoles, y es un día que espero con ansiedad.
Te felicito por tus trabajos.
Saludos Paca

Art Collector's Corner said...

so nice!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Hi, I am new to your site but I love your work. You put lots of life and expression into your drawings and that little touch of colour in special spots to really make it interesting. I have really enjoyed looking at your work.

Teresa Mallen said...

Morgan is truly magestic! Best of luck with the sale. And good luck with that lens purchase - I was able to get one used off ebay and it was quite inexpensive. Some camera shops also sell used equipment, might be worth asking.

Laura said...

Thank you pacasapena and Art Collector:)

Hi Wendy and welcome to my blog - delighted you like my work and hope you will keep coming back:)

Thank you Teresa, will definately be getting my lens at some point. And how are you? Been wondering what you've been up to as you've been very quiet and not blogging - hope all is well x