Monday, March 07, 2011

Finished last!

Home Straight
26.5cm x 34cm
Pencil on Mellotex paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

Didn’t quite meet my goal of having all three drawings finished by the end of February, only managing to do two in the end. Not that it was a problem in any way as the last drawing is now complete and I’m happy with how they have turned out which is what matters at the end of the day. But for what it’s worth I blame the Lusitano and my underestimating the time it would take to do as there was a lot more work involved than I thought there would be:))

Odds On
30.5cm x 38cm
Pencil on Mellotex paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
My thanks to Sarah Clegg for the use of her photographs

‘Home Straight’, ‘Odds On’ and ‘On Show’ (the Lusitano) are all now available for sale and details can be found on my website.

Not sure what I’m going to be drawing next – have enjoyed my horses and I’m still thinking equine. But I also feel like experimenting and playing around with mixed media for a bit so anything could happen really.


Patrice said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful. My daughter and I visit here often to encourage her artistic pursuits!

Amy Cappelli said...

Gorgeous! Your work is breathtaking!

Lori Skoog said...

You set a very high bar!

AutumnBoy said...

Your work is wonderful, I am sure what ever you do next will turn out just as wonderful!



Sadami said...

Dear Laura,
Brilliant! I was nearly cry out for the first horse giving a last spurt.
Cheers, Sadami

Misha said...

Stunning. As always.

What a gift you have!

Jackie K said...

Magnificent. I love the first one with the lone jockey best.
Well done!

Richard said...

Outstanding. Magic.

Unknown said...

Your drawing is so nice I like to draw like that too

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

what an incredible gift you have! I am in awe of your artworks they are so special :) ***** Jules

Amanda said...

Your work is absolutely stunning!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and sorry for taking so long to reply (things have been somewhat busy at the Hardie household:)) Your comments are much appreciated:-D

Anonymous said...

that was a nice one. i think photorealism is really the in thing

matt gordon

Lene Daugaard said...

hi Laura,
as always your graphitedrawings are outstanding:) All those lovely values and details are spot on.
When you draw, do you ever use any blending tools, like brushes or colorshapers?

Laura said...

Thank you Lene - in answer to your question I don't normally use any blending tools for my drawings as I prefer to build up my tones through layering the pencil strokes but with Home Straight and Odds On I did use a torchon (very lightly:)) in certain areas:-D

Sarah Allen said...

Holy crap gorgeous!!!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Jan and Shelley said...

wow i would love for you to draw my horse!

Kyjo's Cave said...

Awesome capture of the horse's personalities! Love your work!

Isabel P.Lima said...

Amazing works and interesting blog.Congrats from Galicia,Spain.

Martin said...

Hi Laura, I love your art; your attention to detail is incredible! I noticed you are Edinburgh-based. I used to live in Edinburgh, such a beautiful city.
Please take a moment of your time to check out my blog. It focuses on the issues of conservation, wildlife and the environment, but it is still in it's early stages! :)
Thanks :)

Diana Marshall said...

What wonderful drawings, I imagine that you must take a lot of time to complete a project.

Zarko said...

Hey, nice pictures! Try switching to real people :-)

King of Happiness! XP said...

I love your pics! Do you draw them by hand?

Laura said...

Thank you Sarah;-)

And I would love to draw your horse Shel, beautiful creatures that they are;-)

Thank you Isabel and welcome to my blog;-)

Hi Martin and thank you. Edinburgh is indeed a beautiful city (house prices very expensive though:)) Will definately check out your blog;-)

Thank you Diana, yes, many many hours go into a drawing - too many it feels sometimes;-)

Thank you Sean, yes, all my drawings are done by hand - wouldn't know where to start to do anything digital;-)

Jeanne Carr said...

Just beautiful!! I've always been drawn to crisp black and white images but have been reluctant to do too many because others don't seem to repond as I do. After seeing yours I think I need to take another crack at it!

James North said...

Fantastic blog and your work really outstanding,i like it.

keep it up,thanks for sharing.

PieceTherapy said...

Love this. Perfect for Derby!