Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wishful thinking

Jeanette Jobson from Illustrated Life has found this great site (see her post on 19 April) where you can have your work displayed in an art museum – well not literally, but you can see what it could look like. I couldn’t resist and had to give it a go.

This’ll probably be the nearest I get to such an exhibition but had fun doing it all the same. If you want to have a go check out Museumr.


Unknown said...

This is just so cool! I tried it out and well....I'm lovin' it! What would the world come to without a wee bit of a dream now and then! Thanks for the tip. Sheona

Laura said...

It's great isn't it:-D

It almost inspires me to go big but can you imagine the time it would take to complete something this size in coloured pencils - doesn't bear thinking about:-D