Sunday, February 11, 2007

A cat and a dog

16 x 12 Colour Pencil

Proof that I am now back on track and working on my portraits, even if running a bit behind schedule.

Mollie is my latest commission and she reminded me a lot of our cat who we sadly had to rehome a couple of years ago (a long story). Next up on the easel are 2 German Shepherds in pastel. Both are nearing completion and I should have a picture to show you early next week.

Still trying to find that spare time to draw and paint Zara - I have lots of things I want, and can't wait, to do with her. In the meantime I am camera happy, clicking away while out on our walks hoping to catch the perfect photo to work from .............. and to proudly show anyone who isn't bored by now! Here are a couple of my favourites taken last week.

Gorgeous or what!

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