Sunday, February 01, 2009

More on the Clydesdale

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2009

I’ve managed to do a bit more to my Clydesdale but have decided to leave it at this stage and put it away out of sight while I concentrate on something else. I thought I could see a way forward with this drawing but still managed to pick fault with practically everything about it. Very frustrating – I rarely give up on a drawing. Technically I haven’t given up as hopefully when I go back to it I will see it with fresh eyes and all the problems I currently see will magically disappear.

Something I will say in its defence – it does look better in real life. The scan seems to have zoomed in on the reds and made it look a bit garish.


Grahame Butler said...

well it looks great to me as it is! I would love to try a horse out on the drawing board but have this mentle block and have convinced myself they are the hardest thing to draw. I know what you mean sometimes its just best to lock it away and leave alone for a while, I tried that with my kids but they keep escaping

Laura said...

Ha ha, if only it were that simple in dealing with kids:)

I love drawing horses and they're not too bad on the difficulty scale - you should definately give them a go, you might surprise yourself:)

Totally Timmy said...

Wow..just found your blog and love your work. I enjoy seeing how it all comes into place. Looking forward to seeing more!