Thursday, February 05, 2009

Labradors - stage 2

Raven - stage 2

How could you refuse those eyes? I don’t know what captured his attention or what he was patiently waiting for but I’m sure he got it looking like that.

Not much more to do – all going well I should have Raven finished tomorrow and I can make a start on Sam.


Teresa Mallen said...

He is beautiful Laura! I can't wait to see Sam.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful portrait!

Grahame Butler said...

This is looking great, as you say the eyes have it! one question how did you achieve the highlights in the fur, have you used the colour of the paper to show through, or used the lighter pencil on top of the darks?

Laura said...

Thank you Teresa - I'm so pleased you like him despite the awful scan. I think I might be needing a new scanner as this one is zooming in on certain colours - in this case the blues. He looks a lot better in real life:)

Hi Gail and thank you:) He is now finished so just need to get a decent scan.

Hi Grahame, Thank you too:) I always work from light to dark and build up the dark areas around the highlights then work more of my lighter colours back into the highlights. There is no white paper showing through on any of the highlights (except in the eyes)- I just didn't add the darker colours in these areas. Hope that makes sense but let me know if it doesn't.

Lindi88 said...

He's looking amazing. Well done Laura. Can't wait to see them together in the end. Im sure my mum will love it. I just have a hard job keeping it a secret until her Birthday.At the moment im trying to convince her that we should get another one to keep Sam company. I'll keep having a look to see your progress with Sam. :)

Laura said...

Hi Lindi, Great to hear from you and I'm so pleased you are happy with how everything is progressing. I'm hoping to make a start on Sam over the weekend so you shouldn't have too long to wait for an update:)

Oh a new lab, how lovely - don't think I'd need much persuading:)You'll have to let me see photos if you do get one.

Lene said...

Beautiful dog!
As one of my favorite artblogs, I have given you an artblog award. It can be copied from my blog ( You are asked to make a link to my blog from the award, list 7 things you love and give the award to 7 other artblogs.
Congratulations, Lene