Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Labradors - stage 1

This week has seen me back working on commissioned portraits after my much needed short break, and what better subject to start with than a couple of beautiful labs. Labradors are not only one of my favourite breeds of dog (I’m currently fighting the urge to have one join the family) but they’re also one of my favourite to draw.

I’ve made a slight change to my normal ‘routine’ when it comes to work in progress shots for my commissions and decided to show them all on my blog and not on my website as I did in the past. My reason for this is simple – I wanted to avoid unnecessary duplication, and ultimately more work, as I would often put the same pics on both my website and blog. So for anyone who happened to follow my ‘Work in Progress’ pages on my website and wondered where they’d disappeared to, you now know. I'm hoping this will make things easier but I'm always open to suggestions if you disagree.

The labs I am working on just now are called Sam and Raven. Here is where I am now with Raven - you can see the photo I am working from in the sidebar.

Raven - stage 1


Lexy. said...

Oh, look at that face! I can see why you like drawing labrodors.

I've almost finished drawing my German Shepherd, Shadow, you can see a progress pic on my blog if you'd like a peek!

Can't wait to see how Raven comes along. I like how you have the current ref pic in your sidebar too.

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice rich blacks and really nice job on the eyes :D

Gillian McMurray said...

Raven is beautiful. I am also fighting the urge to get a new dog haivng been without one for two years. There is nothing more joyous than a cold, wet, doggy nose in the palm of your hand first thing in the morning.

Laura said...

Thank you all very much:)

Lexy, I've just had a look at your progress pics of Shadow and it is looking great. Is this all coloured pencils or is there some paint in there also? Would love to know your techniques and will definately pop in often to your blog:)

Gillian, couldn't agree more:)

Lexy. said...

Hi Laura,

Just found your response. Yes, he's all coloured pencil. - Prismas.

The background is just a pale acrylic wash with some blue ink splattered over the top. I always make such a mess with my backgrounds, and then get all 'serious' when I pick up my pencils!

The finished labradors are beautiful. It makes me think of how they always twirl their eyebrows around - if you know what I mean?!