Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Labradors - stage 4 and an award

Sam - Stage 2
A bit more work done on Sam who, as it turns out, is taking less time to complete than Raven. Not surprising really when I consider the time it takes to build up all the blacks in Ravens fur. Tomorrow should see this finished and a scan of the full portrait with both dogs together.

Changing topics somewhat, I am pleased to announce that my blog has been awarded an award by not one, but two fellow bloggers and artists - Elizabeth McCrindle and Lene Daugaard. Thank you both so much for this - as they say up here in Scotland, I'm well chuffed.

Something I have to do in accepting this award is to list 7 things that I love and then pass the award onto 7 of my favourite art blogs. So the 7 things I love are …..
  1. My kids - couldn't live without them.
  2. My art time
  3. Dogs, especially labs, and the things they get up to.
  4. Chocolate
  5. Long summer days
  6. Looking at other artists work and art books (does that constitute two?)
  7. Simon Cowell (don't ask)

And the 7 blogs that I’d like to pass this award onto, in no particular order, are …..

  1. Teresa Mallen
  2. Rhonda Bartoe Tucker
  3. Sally Lancaster
  4. Alecia Underhill at Art and Horses
  5. Colette Thieriault
  6. Kim Ratigan
  7. Steven Chipman at Wax Bloom


Lexy. said...

Oh, that sweet, sweet face. This is why I love dogs too!

And I understand why it would have taken you longer to draw Raven. I just finished drawing my German Shepherd "Shadow" and he has a very dark and Shadowy face too.

Can't wait to see the finished picture :)

Teresa Mallen said...

I especially like his ear and his nose. :-)

Thanks so much for the blog award! I can't believe I'm one of your favourites. Really? :-) Thank you so much Laura for this kindess and your support. I really appreciate it.

Edward Burton said...

Wow, you do incredible animal portraits - especially the dogs.
Very beautiful!

Laura said...

Thank you:)

Lexy, your finished portrait of Shadow looks great - it always amazes me what can be done with coloured pencils:)

Teresa, No problem at all - I love reading your blog and seeing what you're getting up to with and without your pencils:)

Hi Edward, thank you and welcome to my blog:)