Saturday, December 08, 2012


10.5'' x 12.5''
Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes
Original SOLD
Copyright Laura Hardie 2012

Have been doing a lot of catching up with things in general lately and noticed I hadn’t blogged my Clydesdale drawing that I completed back in October. I wanted to do this drawing on coloured paper and found some Canson Mi-Teintes I’ve had stored away that I could use. Actually I have a portfolio packed full of paper I’ve gathered over the years and need to work my way through but I liked the colour of this one. Thought it would complement the horse. Only problem was I have never been a huge fan of Mi-Teintes – it is too ‘toothy’ and not a smooth enough paper for me. Or so I remembered. Turned out it was a joy to work on this time round and I now really like it – will reserve raving that I love it and can’t do without it until I have done a few more drawings first. It’s still a bit of a learning curve and there are things I need to get used to with it.

Delighted to say that ‘Camera Shy’ (see last post), won’t be stored away for ever more in my portfolio after all and is instead making its way to the US and a new home. Not sure if I’ll go down this route of selling a drawing again however as I found people were unsure about what to offer and what was fair. Had some good feedback from it though and twas a lesson learned if anything.

Not long to Christmas now, 17 sleeps is all! Think I might spend the rest of the day decorating the house and putting up the tree. My daughter tells me we are to go ‘‘all out’’ this year with lots of decorations so it might take some time. Should make me feel Christmassy too.


Dora said...

amazing!! I love this.
great colouring.

Laura said...

Thank you Dora, really enjoyed drawing it :-)

Bev said...

I absolutely love this. I also don't like this paper but you have done a wonderful job....might try it again myself one day ;-)

Olga Díaz said...

Fantástico!! como todos tus trabajos.

Peggy said...

Are you using the back side (smoother side) of the paper?
I have used this paper for pastel but haven't tried it with colored pencils yet. This is a beautiful piece!

Laura said...

Hi Peggy, I am using the smoother side of the paper - not as smooth as I'd ideally like but still good :-)

artista sem pena said...

Your artwork and patience(!) is amazing!
Take a look at my illustrations on my blog!

Moonhee Shin said...

Great work. i'm so happy to find here and look around.