Friday, November 23, 2012

Make an offer......

Camera Shy
16'' x 9'', Coloured Pencil
t Laura Hardie

Having a bit of a clear out at chez Hardie this week and came across this drawing. It’s an old(ish) one having completed it in 2009. I like to think I’ve come some way with my coloured pencils and improved over the years but I still really like this piece – more than enough to put my name to it and offer it for sale. Which is what I have decided to do and you can name the price. Better than keeping it stored away in my portfolio probably never seeing the light of day again, I like it too much for that. 

So, if interested, make me an offer either here on my blog, over on my FB page or by email and it will go to the highest offer. Simple as that and all offers accepted. You have until Wednesday (28th) to bid after which it will hopefully be making its way to a new home.

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