Friday, January 22, 2010

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Believe it or not I’ve been working all week on my current portrait of Colin, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, although it might not look like it from the progress shots. Being a predominantly white dog there are lots of subtle colours in there that are lost when scanned. I had hoped to have him 95% finished by today but there is still much to do - white dogs, I am finding, take a lot longer to do somehow.

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010


Wendy said...

Wow Laura! That is amazing, the most photo realistic piece I've ever seen. It's the first one where I've had to really look hard to believe it isn't a photo. Even then, I think it's only the missing bits that convinced me. Fantastic stuff!

White coats are by far the hardest, aren't they? You have so much more to put in that you would with a dark coat, there's so much subtle color too.

Teresa Mallen said...

Looks great! And yes, getting images with light colour to scan well is so difficult. Colin has nice toe nails! :-)

"JeanneG" said...

He's looking really good. I so love to watch you pulling your dogs out of the paper.

Gayle Mason said...

Fantastic Laura, I love the different angle. said...

wow! I love this

Laura said...

Hi Wendy and thank you so much, what a great compliment (wish you could see the huge grin on my face:))

I completely and totally agree with you about drawing white coats - this one is taking me what seems like forever. I think it would be a lot easier and quicker on coloured paper but unfortunately there isn't one out there that I've found I like to use with my coloured pencils:)

Thank you Teresa:) Trying to scan subtle colours is never easy is it and I'm not the worlds best in Photoshop so I have to make do with what the scanner comes up with:)

Hi Jeanne and thank you:) What a great way to describe my drawing, I like that:)

Thank you Gayle:) I was looking forward to this drawing because of the different angle - its nice to do something other than a traditional head study and hope to do a lot more like this:)

Thank you Geraldine:)

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful work! Love your animal art.

ellieanoria said...

Your artwork is amazing. I had (she has gone missing :/) a Staffy, so this picture makes me smile. Staffys always seem to cheeky and happy looking.

You have a gift!