Thursday, June 04, 2009

More on the Border Collies

I’m still working away on the Collie portrait and so far it looks like I’m managing to only complete one a week. With four Collies in the group, this portrait should in effect take a couple more weeks to finish although I’m secretly hoping to have it done before then.

Sam was next in line for his portrait. Being very similar in colouring to Barney I was able to more or less use the same pencils which saved me some time at the start – I spend a lot of time before I start a portrait choosing the right colours and then proceed to add lots more as it progresses.

Tomorrow should see him finished and then it's onto Spike.

A Work in Progress


Gayle Mason said...

I love these Border Collies, similar but each one showing a different personality.

Laura said...

Thank you Gail:) Yes they all have their own character and I'm loving portraying each one.