Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another addition to the group portrait

It’s been over three weeks now that I’ve been working away on nothing but the Collies and when you spend that amount of time on a portrait you can’t help but get attached to it – at least I can’t. It will be strange not seeing them sitting there on my drawing board looking out at me every day and I will honestly be sad to see this one go.

Spike is now finished and joins the group.

Copyright Laura Hardie

Barney, Sam and Spike
Copyright Laura Hardie

Next up, and last of the four, is Tetley.


Mona said...

It is a treasure seeing you roll out each one of these. I know what you mean about how it's hard to part with a piece you work on a long time. I do that with my egg tempera works.

This one is certain to be cherished by it's owner!!

"JeanneG" said...

Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finish. forgot to post the next dog's photo...I know whine-whine-whine...but I did bring cheese. lol Very nice job.

How do you get the white hair over the brown? Are you putting the white in and then the brown? Maybe you already told but I missed it if you did.

Dors said...

This is stunning Laura.
Love the composition. Fantastic work. and gorgeous dogs.

Pauline said...

I have been watching your progress over the weeks and I can understand how you get attached to them. This is a lovely composition and a beautiful piece of art.

Laura said...

Thank you Mona - I've certainly enjoyed seeing each one slowly come together and glad you have too:)

Hi Jeanne, Ooops so I have - will get that up now:)

In answer to your question about the lighter hair I either leave them and work around them with the darker shades or work back into the darker areas with my electric eraser picking out hairs here and there and then going back over them to blend them in. I never use a white pencil. Does that help? Let me know if not:)

Thank you Dors, your comment is much appreciated. And I agree, they are beautiful dogs:)

Thank you Pauline - it can be hard parting with art sometimes can't it. I've had some great feedback from the dogs owner so I know it will be appreciated in it's new home which I'm really pleased about:)

Gifts of Creation said...

Wow! This art is unbelievable!! I am so impressed...I am nominating you for a lovely blog award on my blog...It is a chance to investigate new blogs and I am so glad I found yours!I really dont know how you get these results in colored pencil and I do see from reading earlier posts that you demand very clear photos..I can see how that makes a difference! I do portraits of children and dogs as well!!

Laura said...

Thank you Magdalene and welcome to my blog:) Thank you too for the blog award, it is much appreciated:)

Bramblewood Bears said...

Amazingly realistic and beautiful artwork. True talent to the hilt.
Warmest Blessings,
Bramblewood Bears