Thursday, May 01, 2008

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze
Coloured Pencil
24.5cm x 33.5cm

This is a drawing I started a while back and have now added a background to. I am someone who very rarely adds a background to their work, preferring to focus all my attention on the subject, and I want to explore this more. But I don’t know – when I don’t do a background I can feel something’s missing and if I do one I more often than not think it looked better without. Almost like it is taking something away from the subject. There really is no pleasing me sometimes.

Summer Breeze is one of those drawings where I felt a background was needed and when added I had no regrets. As far as backgrounds go it’s simple and uncomplicated but I’m pleased with how it turned out – enough to turn it into prints.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, like you I am never too sure about backgrounds,I think it is a choice you make in a split second to do or not.....this drawing looks great with it though.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Laura, Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. Of course I had to check out your work...Wow! Your work is fantastic! Your animals have such a quality of 'life'. Your work comes across fresh, with a sense of lightness.

I love that you don't use a background. It suits your style well. Not having a busy background does focus our attention on the character and individual beauty of the animal.

Having said that, this background is quite lovely. I think of it as a non-background as it is as you said, "simple and uncomplicated". I agree. Wonderful!

I am glad to have found your work Laura. I am putting together a list of pencil artists to put on my blog. May I include your blog address? Thanks for considering my request.

Laura said...

Hi Victoria, Thank you - backgrounds can give me a headache sometimes and it's good to hear I'm not alone:) One reason why I'm a fan of the 'crop'.

Hi Teresa, Thank you for stopping by my blog and kind words about my work - they mean a lot:)

I must admit I'm happy not doing backgrounds but often wonder if others feel the same and perhaps look at my work thinking it would benefit from one. I do (I think:)) want to try and include them more in my own work even if just adding a suggestion of something. Going for the 'non-background' is good for me I think:)

I'd be more than happy for you to include my blog on your list, thank you:) I look forward to following your links when they are up as I love to see what other artists are doing with coloured pencil.