Thursday, May 15, 2008

Border Collie Montage - a WIP

20X16 Coloured Pencil

All my art time has been spent recently working on a montage of two beautiful Border Collies. Being 20x16 inches and mainly in coloured pencil, it is taking many an hour to complete, with many still to go, but I do think the end result is worth it.

So far I have completed the main head studies and have made a start on the background (although you can't see this in the cropped pic above), which in this case will be a view of Irton Fell in Cumbria. Completing the background will be interesting as I’m at my least comfortable when it comes to working with greens, I always have been and probably always will. Thankfully there aren’t that many green animals about or I really would be in trouble:) I'm hoping, weather permitting, to get a photo showing the full montage soon - watch this space.


Cindy said...

What wonderful pet portraits!!! The boxer dog in the museum is sooo cute. I grew up with boxers and my sister has a male boxer that looks like a horse. :-)

I might have to give the museum thing a try.

I look forward to checking out your blog often, I made my way here from Teresa Mallen's blog.

Laura said...

Hi Cindy, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting:)

The boxer is our dog - and she is very small compared to other boxers - makes up for it in hyperactivity. Her dad was HUGE, sounds very much like your sisters.