Sunday, August 05, 2007

Collie and horses

My plan to start working doubly hard had to take a back seat this week as I played Florence Nightingale to both my daughter and Zara, our dog. Thankfully nothing serious in both cases but it did take me away from the studio.

I was able to make a start on and finish Elmo the Collie however, which I'm pleased about. Although primarily a black dog, I saw lots of violets, blue and yellows in the black which I had to put in and are there if a bit hard to see in the scan.

Have also spent time this week gathering reference material - mainly horse related - for paintings and drawings I have in mind to do (lots and lots of ideas going on in my head!). Hope to start one - no I WILL start one over the next few days. Horses are going to be a main feature in my work over the coming months as apart from being beautiful, strong, majestic animals I want to take the time to really study them and become more confident in portraying them.

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