Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm back

Well I can happily say I made it back from my hols in one piece - the plane did not have technical problems causing it to crash land, nor did it have to go through a horrendous thunder and lightning storm or suddenly fall from the sky - AND I managed to stay calm-ish for the whole 2 hours and 50 minute journey. On talking about my anxiety to one of the cabin crew I was told it was not unknown for people to start screaming and demanding to get off just before take-off. Although I can relate to this and totally understand their torment I could see my kids were secretly relieved their mother did not embarass them in this way. Anyway that's my worrying over for another year or so.

We did have a wonderful week away and couldn't fault anything - it was brilliant waking up every morning to guaranteed sunshine and not doing much of anything except eat lots but then doesn't everybody?

I do regret not taking some pencils and a sketch pad with me as by day 3 I was itching to draw something. It wasn't that I forgot or anything as I had considered packing them but didn't think I would have the time or opportunity to draw anything - I won't make that mistake again.

Now back to reality and the British weather I have spent the weekend giving the house a mini spring clean in between doing the inevitable hugh pile of post holiday washing and ironing. Top on my list of priorities was my studio - I hate working surrounded by mess and as it's back to the easel for me tomorrow had to get this done. I plan to work doubly hard and concentrate on producing paintings and drawings for my own use as well as commissioned portraits so should have a lot to blog about and pics to show.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Glad that you had a great time,missed reading your blog and looking forward to new posts.

Laura said...

Thanks Victoria:)Glad to be back.