Sunday, July 08, 2007


Being a mother of two children I am used to the saying "but I'm the only one in my class....." followed by some thing or other that they don't have. Well the latest from my daughter is that she is the only one who's not going abroad somewhere for the holidays. Although totally untrue it did strike a chord with me and make me think.

If I'm being honest my family have had to make do with spending the holidays at various locations around the UK because I am petrified of flying. On a plane I think too much, I become panicky and it takes everything in me to stop me from having a full blown panic attack - I'd feel a lot better knowing I could go outside for fresh air if I needed to! Instead I am 'trapped' for however many hours inside thousands and thousands and thousands and ....... of feet up in the air - that's another thing why do they have to go so ****** high?

Anyway I could go on and on about why I hate flying and reasons not to but going back to my daughter and her longing to go abroad decided it was time to do something about it. So the last few days have been spent trailing the Internet for that holiday abroad - and Majorca here we come! It's been booked so no going back and we leave in just under two weeks - my hearts racing just writing about it.

There are portraits I need to finish before going on holiday - two I have made a start on and are currently WIP's. The first is of a Greyhound called Goldie and this is where I am at with her (for some reason she never scans well??) .......

The second is of a beautiful Chocolate Lab called Harvey. I am doing this as a demo on a forum that I'm a member of and you can see how I got to this stage, the colours I used etc. by clicking here.

Also need to do a Collie in coloured pencils and work some more on the Springer Spaniel montage so no time to worry about that 3 hour flight - I wish!

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