Saturday, August 26, 2006

Still Scratching

The latest update on my scratchboard cat.

Finding it quite addictive and could happily scratch away for hours if I had the time. Not 100% happy with how it is progressing - finding it difficult to get different tones and feel it is in danger of looking 'flat' the more I add. I am hoping that this will sort itself out when I add colour at the end.

Have learnt one very important lesson though and that is to use the correct instrument for scraping. I had been using a craft knife that was obviously a bit blunt - though I didn't realise this until I tried a new blade and WHAT a difference. Only wish I'd realised sooner as I feel I can get a greater range of lines with a sharper blade helping me a bit with my tonal problem.

Anyone familiar with scraperboard reading this and can offer advice please let me know - it would be much appreciated.

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