Monday, August 21, 2006

Severely distracted

Big problems re: my garden makeover - so much so that what was promised to be a 1 week job is now into week 3 and it's still not finished! Not good news as far as my painting goes. Being 'project manager' coupled with the fact my easel looks out into the garden to all that's going on, I am always interupted one way or another.

As a result both Margaux and Dory, my 2 chocolate labs, remain at this time pencil outlines. I have not had the chance to put paint to canvas all week with all the distractions going on. The good news is the garden is coming together and all should be back to normal mid week giving me a chance to make a start on my labs.

My easel hasn't been totally deserted however and I have managed to make a start on a series of drawings and paintings I have been planning for some time now called 'Close Encounters'. Instead of doing head and full body studies I want to look at the animal from a different angle/perspective by zooming in close.

This colour pencil study of a horses eye is the first in the series and measures 14.5 x 21.5cm.

I am still looking for a title to give it so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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