Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finished Portraits

Finished two portraits I have been working on lately. The first is Barney, a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel, completed in colour pencils. I have to say that, to date, I found this to be the most challenging portrait I have had to do with the colour pencils. It was all that hair - especially in the ear - curling here there and everywhere. I did have good reference photos to work with though which really helps and I was happy with the finished portrait.

2nd to be completed was a 16 x 12 oil painting of a beagle called Bru. My reference photo showed Bru, KC name Bruadair Buadhmor, at 5 months old chewing on a stick. I loved the composition and (not being a head study) gave me the chance to work with a background - something I should really do more of when I get the chance.

When I get the chance ...... this is something I don't seem to get a lot of at the moment as there is so much I have in mind I want to paint/draw that there just isn't the time to do it all in - that is another post though!

Well I have tried numerous times but can't seem to upload my painting of Bru - there always seems to be a problem with connecting to which can be really irritating. Will try again tomorrow.

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