Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dutch Auction

Ok, back to the Dutch Auction and the ‘bit of news’ I mentioned a couple of posts back. I’ve decided to change things slightly and have a multiple auction where everything in my spring clear-out is up at once rather than doing it one drawing at a time as I have been up to now. How the Auction works other than this will stay the same as before.

All art works are signed, original pencil or coloured pencil drawings (by myself of course:)) that I won’t be using for upcoming Exhibitions or competitions and therefore thought I would offer them by way of a Dutch Auction. There is nothing wrong with them and they are not damaged in any way, and nor do I dislike them, I’m simply making room for new work while giving anyone who likes my work the chance to buy it at a greatly reduced price. Drawings also come double mounted/matted ready for framing.

So that just leaves the drawings themselves. ‘Morgan’ has been in the Auction for a few weeks now and as of Monday this week is down to £190. Joining him is………

Pencil, 25.5cm x 21.5cm
(With mount: 39.5cm x 34.5cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
Starting price: £250

Pencil, 25.5cm x 20.5cm
(With mount: 39.5cm x 33.5cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
Starting price: £280

Eye Contact
Coloured Pencil, 27cm x 19.5cm
(With mount: 41cm x 32.5cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
Starting price: £225

Inquiring Mind
Coloured Pencil, 23.5cm x 35cm
(With mount: 37.5cm x 48cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011
Starting price: £290

Should you be interested in any of the above and would like more information please drop me an email.


Matteo Taffuri said...

Ciao,my names is Matteo,I'm new on your blog.I love the animals and i like your works are wonderfoul,I'd like to change my photos into drawing,but it's not easy!
Sorry for my bad english

Teresa said...

Another stunner! You amaze me :-)

Laura said...

Hi Matteo and welcome to my blog - delighted you like my work. And your English is very good:)

Thank you Teresa:)

Dawn said...

How does one bid on the Dutch Auction? I'm interested in placing a bid on 'Morgan' How do I go about this? Your drawings astound me, by the way.

Dawn Shepherd

PS: we are in the middle of a hurricane here, so not sure how much longer I will have electricity, or how soon it will be back once it goes out.

Laura said...

Hi Dawn, you just need to send me an email letting me know which drawing you want to purchase - my email address is I'll reserve 'Morgan' for you just incase you do loose electricity with the hurricane and can't get back to me. Have been thinking of you all on the east coast at this time and hoping it doesn't leave a trail of devastation.