Monday, May 16, 2011

Dutch Auction Week 3

It’s been a good week for getting a lot of things I’ve needed doing done and I feel a lot more organised as a result. Couldn’t fit in any drawing unfortunately, again, but have a drawing and painting sitting there waiting patiently to be worked on.

Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

Dutch Auction drawing ‘Curiosity’ has dropped in price by a further £20 to £160 today. If you missed my earlier post the auction basically works as follows…..

1. One drawing at a time will be auctioned here on my blog.
2. Every Monday the price will drop by £20 until it is either sold or reaches a predetermined and undisclosed reserve price and taken out of the auction.
3. Purchases will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Notifications should be made by way of email (see my contact details on sidebar).
4. Payments are accepted by credit/debit card via PayPal or cheque (UK bank accounts only).
5. Postage is an additional cost and will be determined by your location.


R2K said...

: )

Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

You are very talented, Laura.
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