Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Titleless Horse

8"x11" Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Before working on my next commission I wanted to finish off this graphite drawing of a horse I started at the beginning of last year. I’m not sure it was such a good idea though as my right shoulder started to ache while I was working on the background. I remember thinking how I should really stop when I got the first niggling pains but carried on regardless. Big mistake as it turned out - my shoulder was sore for the next few days! As a result there hasn’t been much activity behind the drawing board this past week and what has been done isn’t worth showing at this stage.

I’m currently trying to come up with a title for this piece and open to any suggestions anyone might have.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Beautiful piece Laura. As for title, maybe 'contemplation' or 'serenity' or something along those lines? Hope that shoulder heals quickly... how we suffer for our art :)

Laura said...

Thank you Lesley:D 'Contemplation' did cross my mind as a possible title and I may well go for this:)

My shoulder pain has gone for now thankfully but still wary that I don't agravate it:)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Lovely piece Laura. He/she looks a bit wistful too me. I'd got with "Wistful" :)

Brandy said...

He does look like he's contemplating something, almost like things learned over time.

Reminds me ALOT of my sis's horse in the face right now.

Teresa said...

It's a beautiful drawing. Such detail. Wow!

I'm Xan! I'm a person, I swear! said...

I love the soft, dreamy feel to this. Like a warm fog, if there were such a thing!

I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you happy with the composition of this drawing? I find myself wishing there were just a little room below the horse's chin, and a touch above the ears as well. Maybe it got cut off in the photo. There's a sort of tipping feeling in the horse's body, giving just a little tension, which is good, I think. Keeps it from being static or dull. And there's room in front of his/her face, so one doesn't feel like s/he is going to walk into a wall. It's just that bit of crowding at the chin ...

Thanks for sharing your GORGEOUS work with us! I come to learn!!

Laura said...

Thank you Elizabeth:D He does actually look wistful doesn't he - definately a touch of sadness about him:)

Hi Brandy, I think it's going to be a choice between 'contemplation' and 'wistful' - will sleep on it for a couple of days:D

Thank you Teresa:D

Hi Xan and thank you:D There is actually a bit more of horse and space at the bottom - I had to cut a bit of when cropping in Photoshop as it wasn't straight:)

I perhaps could have added more to the bottom on hindsight, but I felt it more important for there to be enough space in front of his face as this is the direction in which he is gazing and didn't want the viewers eye to come to an abrupt end and. Think I still have a lot to learn with composition:D

I'm Xan! I'm a person, I swear! said...

Ah, I see. Even a well-planned piece can take you in a direction that changes your composition, too. *ahem* I've certainly had that happen to me, anyway! ;)

Enjoying the silvery feel to this!