Wednesday, February 10, 2010


8'x10' Coloured Pencil
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Maddie is now finished and, despite my pencil issues at the start with getting the right colours for her tan markings, I’m pleased with how she has turned out. I always say it’s like getting the right ‘formula’ of pencils:)

I’m really enjoying the close-up portraits and hope to have the opportunity to do a lot more like this in the future - it’s nice to move away from the traditional head study and do something that bit different. The one thing I have found though, after working on both Colin and Maddie, is that they take a lot longer to finish than a head study. This is mainly down to the fact you can see more detail in a close up, so more to put in, and of course more paper is being covered in pencil - both of which take time. Something I need to think about when doing more like this.


Crystal Cook said...

She's just beautiful Laura. I agree that I like the close ups too. That's actually what I prefer to paint or draw myself. I was wondering how you choose your colors because they look like the photo, but more intense and just more. . . um, more? for lack of a better word. I love how your subject looks like the reference but an enhanced version.

Vicki Greene said...

I am always amazed at your pencil paintings. They are a joy to look at.

Paola said...

It' very realistic portrait!! Great work!! Ciao!

sue said...

Beautifully drawn as always Laura.
It does make a welcome change to see this sort of pose/partial head study of dogs doesn't it. We ofen see cats drawn this way but I guess that's in order to show lots of eye detail (cats having such amazing eyes of course)
So what's next?

Mona said...

Just beautiful as always and amazing for it's details.
Can I ask what kind of paper you are working on?

Laura said...

Thank you Crystal:D Before I start a portrait I sit down with my reference photo and choose a number of pencils based on the colours I see in the fur. Most times I have a good idea of the colours I will use and others not so good (as with Maddie:)) - when this happens I just experiment and see what I come up with:D I did a small blog post on choosing colours last year and you can see it at

Thank you so much Vicki:D

Thank you too Paola:D

Hi Sue, I've really enjoyed doing the close-ups and it does make a welcome change - hope to do a lot more like this. What next is a good question as I'm not too sure. I have a bit of a break now to work on some of my own drawings (and hopefully paintings) but nothings inspiring me at the minute. Made use of that today mind you by updating my website which has been on my to do list for ages. Should also do some marketing, paper work, etc, etc:D

Hi Mona and thank you:D I use Fabriano Artistico hot pressed watercolour paper (140lb)and highly recommend it if you haven't tried it:D

Michelle Palmer said...

Stunning! Love your technique... colors are gorgeous~ such a beautiful piece!

Art with Liz said...

Love Maddie - you've caught her beautifully. Just adore Colin though!

Annie said...

Your animal portraits are amazingly good!

Colin Hall said...

Maddie is also a stunning portrait, Laura, you have a gift for showing the real dog behind the features. Maddie looks a character as well.



Laura said...

Thank you for the great feedback - it is much appreciated:D

Gil, that is very kind of you to say so, thank you:D

Steve Drew said...

Laura, I just stumbled across your page and I just love your work! Just the arttistic inspiration I needed this evening! -Steve