Sunday, November 01, 2009

Something quick(ish)

'The Look'
8x8 inches, Pencil on paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2009

Another graphite drawing except this time I set myself a challenge – to complete it in 4 hours or less. I can easily spend up to 6 times longer than this normally on a drawing (coloured pencil even longer) but I wanted this one to be more of a sketch. This meant of course leaving out a lot of the detail that I love putting in and, as it turned out, couldn’t completely leave out. It’s almost as if my hand has a mind of it’s own:)

I wouldn’t call the finished portrait a sketch as such although it is much ‘looser’ (for want of a better word) than I would normally do – maybe a ‘refined sketch’? I failed to complete it within the time I set myself and took 5 hours 15 minutes instead – oh well, there’s always the next one and there will be more.


Vicki Greene said...

This is wonderful and I know "that look". They do it so well.

Grahame Butler said...

Beautiful Laura! 5hrs15 mins.. I'd just about have the eyes finished in that time I dont know what your taking but send me some quick, fantastic work as always.

Laura said...

Thank you Vicki:) They certainly do and how can you refuse those eyes:)

Thank you Grahame:) It does sound quick doesn't it especially if, like me, you can spend 6 times that on a drawing. There are not nearly as many layers on this drawing which saved a lot of time and I used the softer B grade pencils to get the darks quicker - it's amazing how much time you save here. I still like building up the layers though - gives it more depth:)

Gillian McMurray said...

Awwwww! This is gorgeous. He/she has certainly got 'the look'.

Laura said...

Thank you Gillian:)

Lene said...

great portrait - doesn't look like anything I think of as a sketch :)