Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cocker Spaniel

Back in May of this year I, along with a few other artists, donated a portrait as a prize in a raffle run by Cockers Online who were running a charity fundraiser to benefit the Oldies Club. Very briefly the Oldies Club look after elderly dogs and help to find new homes for them so that they can see out their days in a loving environment. The winner of my raffle was Woofie whose portrait I have made a start on this week.

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2009

Woofie is actually the first in a run of four Cocker Spaniels I have to do (two single and one double portrait) which means lots of curly ears in store for me. I spent today working on Woofies ears and as you can see I managed to finish one and make a start on the other – only eight and a half to go (not that I’m counting:))


"JeanneG" said...

You are really moving along on this one. Very nice. I have one to do for a friend in graphite. Just wish I was as good as you.

Jesús Belly 3114 said...

que cosa mas bonita... pintas increible!!!

Laura said...

Thank you:)