Wednesday, February 20, 2008

German Shepherd in pastels

This week I've put my pencils, and horses, to one side and got messy with pastels. The mess I get in isn't a problem, it's the dust they create I'm not overly fond of.

The reason for bringing my pastels out was to do my latest commission - a beautiful German Shepherd by the name of Tango. I loved the photos I was sent of him - so full of character.

Here are a couple of 'in-progress' shots and a 'where I am at now' one. All going well, I hope to have him finished and at my framers by the end of the week.


Jeanette said...

What a beautiful drawing! You've really done this animal justice.

Laura said...

Thank you Jeanette - he is a beautiful dog and I had great photos to work from.

zslenis said...

Oh my goodness!! You have absolute talent! Congratulations :)