Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ben 2
8x10 Coloured Pencil

Just a small post today if only to let you know I'm still here and not forgotten no.9 on my goals for 2008.

This is my first commissioned portrait, started and finished this year. Thinking about this, it doesn't seem a lot considering we are now half way through January and I'm working more hours (thanks to no.2 of goals), but there are more - I haven't just worked on this drawing. I did spend a lot of time getting his colouring right however, if I was to think about it some more!

Weimaraners are beautiful dogs but seem to change colour dependant on the light. In some photos Ben's fur had a lot of pinky/peachy tones, in others he was more of a grey colour and yet in others he definately leant towards the browns. So what did I do? Put them all in.


Lene said...

Wonderful portrait. You really caught the weimaraner-colors so well !

Jeanette said...

Beautiful portrait of this animal! The colours are lovely, such a gorgeous dog.

Laura said...

Thanks Lene and Jeanette;)

I'm actually doing a full body pastel study of Ben sometime in February, so having done this drawing and figuring out the colours to use should help me no end.