Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm in love.......

With Prismacolor Verithin pencils that is. I was inspired to try them after another artist I admire gave them a good review on her blog alongside a beautiful drawing she did using them. Always one to try something new, especially when it comes to colour pencils, I included a set of 36 Verithins to an existing order - and am I glad I did.

If a pencil is capable of getting the tiniest of details then this is the one. I have been using them with Derwent Artist pencils on my latest portrait of two Goldens and really like the feel of them. I've always favoured using Derwents to the other brands for a number of reasons, one being the lead is harder and in turn you get a sharper line - the Verithin gets it sharper.

I have one major problem with them however, and that is there are only 36 colours in the range - what were/are Prismacolor thinking? I'd like to draw an animal just using Verithins but apart from taking me, I would imagine, twice as long to complete there are not enough of the right colours but I do think they were intended to be used in conjunction with other brands of pencils, primarily Prismacolors.

This is one of the Goldens nearly completed - still to work on the fur on his neck - using Derwents and the wonderful Verithins (you'll probably have gathered by now I quite like them).

So, if there are any colour pencil enthusiasts out there who haven't tried Verithin pencils yet do try and get hold of some - you wont be disappointed.


Tracy said...

Stunning work, Laura - and so pleased you got some verithins! Hopefully they will add to the colours in time...don't know why they didn't just do the whole range in the first place though. Great work and great news.

Laura said...

Thanks Tracy and a big thanks for bringing them to my attention. They really are great pencils for a detail enthusiast like myself.

karen said...

Laura just remonising about the portraits of my boy dogs Its so sad that they are no longer with us but you captured them so beautifully, I'm so glad I had them done by you... Thankyou ever so much..