Saturday, June 09, 2007

Elkhound Montage

24 x 18, colour pencil and pencil

After giving both dogs something to sit on - in this case grass - and doing my usual 'touch ups' here and there I am now calling the Elkhound montage finished. After a difficult start and taking a lot longer to complete than I had originally planned I am really happy with how this portrait turned out.

It is now the one and only portrait sitting in my new 'Montage Gallery' on my website. I have wanted to do a montage for a long time now and to offer them as a choice on my website but, as is always the case, I could never find the time.

I don't know about other artists reading this blog but if I sit down and do a bit of art 'for me' and have commissions sitting there with deadlines to meet I feel guilty and would blame that piece if I didn't finish a commission in time. What if a commission takes longer than I first thought?, what about the knock on effect for other commissions? Yes, I probably think too much but it does worry me which is a relatively new thing as I haven't always felt like this - it's a shame as I always said I would put aside time for my own work. That said, I have had a busy year which is great and as my husband always kindly points out, I don't have to sit and watch every soap going on the TV!

My Montage Gallery is in the early stages but I plan to add more to this over the coming months. I'm still slowly working on the Springer Spaniel montage, which I hope to have finished soon, and I want to do one of our dog, Zara, at some point. Hopefully having this choice in my galleries will encourage someone to go for that something a bit more special and have their own pet montage.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, the finished piece is excellent,I really like it.
Know what you mean, there never seems to be enough time to do your own stuff, and like you, I feel guilty if I have commissions that need doing.