Thursday, October 12, 2006

Horse on Black

Well here she is in all her glory and what a joy she was to do too.

As I have already mentioned in another post I have really enjoyed working with colour pencils on black paper even if this would not be my ideal choice of paper (Daler Rowney's Canford). So I am now making it my mission to find that perfect black paper to work on which could prove a bit of a problem as, you will soon find, I am soooooo fussy when it comes to paper.

I wouldn't have this problem if Fabriano did the decent thing and produced one in their hot pressed watercolour range! Until that day I will continue my search and keep you posted on my findings.


Melanie Phillips said...

hi laura,

Concerning the black paper, being unable to browse a 'proper art shop' living in the middle of knowhere i have never seen them in reality, but they do do other ranges. If you go to their website they have their full range on there. Its made by fabriano but has its own name if you see what i mean. Look for Tizano :)Im not sure if its what you are looking for but at least its Fabriano!

Tracy Hall said...

Hi Laura - Love the horse and the guinea pigs!Brilliant work! Glad you are getting found on the search engines too.

Laura said...

Hi Melanie

Thanks for the info re:black paper. When I read your comment 'Tizano' rang a bell so had a rummage and right enough found I already had a pad of it!! I drew Jaz using a grey sheet of this paper but didn't really like it (told you I am very fussy). I have however had a scribble on one of the black sheets and it certainly takes a lot of layers so going to give it another go - or should I say chance.

Tracy, thanks for taking the time to comment on my latest work (I love it when I see a comment has been left) especially the guinea pigs - a first for me but after doing just 3 feel I now know everything about them.