Sunday, October 15, 2006

Atten - shun

Something else I have started working on after being pencil sharpnerless and thought I would share with you.

And a close-up

This is taken from a photograph I have been wanting to use for some time of 3 beagles (all related to Bru - you may remember the oil painting I did of him chewing a stick). I just loved the way they are all sitting to attention waiting for that certain order.

Wanted to try my hand at watercolour again (it's been a long time) and thought this would be a great one to start with. It was/is my intention to loosen up more and not be so detailed and had to stop myself a few times from getting out my 000 size brush!! Still got quite a bit to go on this when time permits.


Tracy Hall said...

This is looking terrific laura - I envy you being able to keep it loose like that, its really hard when you are used to doing all the fiddly detail isn't it. I fail miserably. Great pose!

Laura said...

Thanks for this Tracy - I find it very hard to get away from doing all the fiddly detail and always have done. Just hope I can pull this of - keep it loose and like the finished result.