Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Work in progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2013

Feeling a bit sorry for myself as I had a slight accident over the weekend that resulted in the middle finger of my right, aka drawing, hand being badly sprained/bruised – I don’t think it’s broken anyway. Still wincing at the thought of the pain when it happened *shudder* but then I’ve never done pain very well. Shot right up my arm it did! Anyway, it’s day 5 now since accident and while I still can’t bend or straighten it there is some movement coming back and the swelling has gone down. And best of all the pain is bearable – couldn’t have anyone, or thing, near it for days for fear of it being knocked or touched in any way. Drawing has also been out of the question which has been both frustrating and annoying …… can’t my finger appreciate I have lots to do, deadlines to meet and bills to pay!

I was really enjoying working on this drawing before things came to a halt. It’s one of those drawings where I find it really hard to stop, wanting to finish this bit first …… then another …… and another ……… yes, I’ll put tea on in a minute, just let me finish this bit …… oh and that bit …… have to do this bit first then I’ll take the dog out – you get the idea :) My thanks has to go to thank Francesca Morrison for allowing me to use her photo for this piece. If you have a spare moment or two, do have a look at her work.

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