Tuesday, September 25, 2012


29cm x 21cm
Pencil on Fabriano Artistico
Copyright Laura Hardie 2012

BUSY week so not managing to get much time, if any, at the drawing board and I have lots to be getting on with too. My boy’s 21 on Friday and a fair bit of organising is going on for that so a good excuse I think for not working. But I have put another drawing on Ebay (see above) and this one is a personal favourite of mine – just love the expression on this Weimaraner. 

Bidding for ‘Seriously!’ ends in 5 days – how can you refuse that face. 


sue said...

21 eh?? So you can put your feet up now and let him support you LOL

Love the expression on your Weim!

Laura said...

I know, can't quite believe it - don't feel old enough to have a 21 year old ;-)

Shayca said...

AWESOME! You have a great talent.

Shiva rei said...

nice post ..
really very nice your post

Noushka said...

Fantastic drawings, a lot better than I used to do!
Seeing the quality of your work gives the desire to drop my camera and pick my pencils up again! ;-)
You can see my work under my banner, but nothing like what you do!
I will link you to the artwork blog-section on my blog!
Keep going, it takes a lot of time to achieve one of those drawings... believe me I know and appreciate!

Laura said...

WOW Noushka, just had a look at your blog and your photographs are amazing! Really wish I was a better photographer and it's something I definitely want to learn more about. Your work is inspiring me to do just that :-)