Thursday, August 23, 2012

A quick post to say....

Breagh and Fizz
11.5'' x 16.5''
Coloured Pencil on Fabriano 5
Copyright Laura Hardie 2012

Collies, Breagh and Fizz, are now finished. Going to let the pictures do the talking today as I’m all talked out – that, and I have to take my daughter out driving now. Wish me luck! 

All images copyright Laura Hardie, please don't use without permission.


Heather said...

I can't believe the skill and amazing talent you have. WOW!

sue said...

Beautiful drawing Laura (as always) such lovely dogs.

Brave lady - I assume you're teaching her to drive?

Do you scan or photograph your pictures. I struggle to keep white paper looking white and spend more time trying to adjust them in PaintNet than drawing it seems. What's your secret?

Laura said...

Thank you Heather, that's really kind of you x

Laura said...

Hi Sue, I scan my drawings but always get a grey background instead of the white of the paper. Never know why this is but very annoying! I photoshop the grey background out to make it the colour of the paper - time consuming, yes, but I always think worth it as it looks more like the original.

My daughter is getting driving lessons but I go out with her in between lessons. It's a strange feeling being driven around by your child but I'm not as nervous now. Still can't relax until it's all over though - just hope she passes her test :-)