Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Lab

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

Currently drawing one of my favourite subjects, a black Lab. Love, love, LOVE Labs! But then if you follow my ramblings on blogger you will already know this. I think Max might be the oldest Lab I’ve had the pleasure of drawing however – he certainly has the most grey hairs.

Inquiring Mind
Coloured Pencil, 23.5cm x 35cm
(With mount: 37.5cm x 48cm)
Copyright Laura Hardie

I only have one drawing left in the Dutch Auction as ‘Focused’ has sold and will soon be making it’s way to the US. That leaves ‘Inquiring Mind’, which strangely enough I thought would be the first to go, as the last one standing. It has dropped in price by another £20 and is now £90. If you would like more details or are interested in purchasing this drawing please email me.


Sandra said...

The black Lab in progress is stunning.

sue said...

Beautiful Laura.

My 'last' Xmas commission is also an elderly black lab - but has cataracts as well as grey hairs. Still a very handsome boy though.

Look forward to seeing the next/last stages to this one.

Teresa Mallen said...

Well yeah for older dogs! My much beloved German Shepherd is almost 11 and he too has a bit of a grey muzzle. I am curious just to see how grey haired this Lab is going to be!