Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More horses

Work in Progress
Graphite pencil on Mellotex paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2011

My drawing of two horses ended up beating me in the end and it’s been put to one side for finishing another day – it was the jockeys that finally did it and I blame them entirely! Or more specifically their silks, I’m not a huge fan of drawing clothing and find I have the attention span of a gnat when faced with it. So rather than spend wasted time looking for things to do rather than jockeys I started a new drawing as shown in the image above. A similar theme but with only one horse this time. I’m really enjoying drawing full bodies as opposed to a head study.

I don’t know if it’s something in the air or what but this drawing has been ‘abandoned’ too for the time being while I’ve made a start on yet another drawing. Three drawings on the go at once is almost unheard of from me (rebel that I am:)) I’m more your one drawing at a time kind of girl, but it does keep things interesting - less likely to loose motivation for a piece this way. I do have a deadline and I want to get all three finished by the end of February which at this point in time doesn’t look as if it should be a problem.


Sadami said...

Dear Laura,
Brilliant!! So beautiful and eye catchy.
Cheers, Sadami

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Love your work. It's just gorgeous and the detail is stunning!!

I just got turned onto lead holders and .2MM leads. What kind of pencils do you use for your incredible work?


Kim said...

Wow! I've looked to some of you posts, and I'm impressed! What a beautiful drawings!

I'm going to follow you, because I really like your work.

I found you blog to just click 'next' and I saw the horse and you had my attention immediately.

Good work!

Laura said...

Thank you Sadami:-D

Hi Nancy, I use Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils in grades 4H through to 8B and haven't tried many others if I'm honest - was happy with these and stuck with them:-D

Hi Kim, Thank you and welcome to my blog:-D

Laurisa said...

I love your work. Dogs have been my weakness so you definitely inspire me to keep trying. Horses, my love and joy, are where my talents lie and I love how you can draw them. I'd never think it possible with pencil!

Kim said...

I hope you keep doing this because it's just so beautiful! Really! I'm speechless.

And... ehm... if my English isn't very good, that's because I'm dutch. It's not very difficult and I try to do it as best as I know... but if they're grammatical mistakes... you know why! :$

trueimage said...

Laura, this is another wonderful piece of work. I often find myself searching the internet for inspiration and your work always jumps at me, the amount of detail you put into each drawing is amazing, and your compositions work well, the motion and muscles are captured really wonderfully in this horse drawing.

Lori Skoog said...

Your work is fabulous. This is my first visit and I checked everything out.

word verification just happens to be:

SallymetHarryHorse said...

wonderful horses,
they really breathe under your hand

ncuxapa said...

It looks awesome, could you teach some tricks about drawing with a pencil?

Bz said...

It's amazing how clear you make your visions! I love the horse, looks like a photo!

travellerlina said...

It takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to make such beautiful paintings... (studied art history at essex university back in the nineties) I do appreciate your work, keep going. You can ceck out my photography blog at

Elenka said...

Oh, it is, the end of you have them all done??

Laura said...

Thank you Laurisa - it's always nice to hear if my work inspires others:-)

Thank you Kim and your english is very good:-)

Thank you so much Ivana for your kind words:-)

Hi Lori and welcome to my blog:-)

Thank you too Sally, Bz snd travellerlina - your comments are much appreciated:-)

Elenka you are right, my deadline is almost up. It looks like I will have 2 out of the 3 finished in time as one of my drawings took a lot longer to do than I had originally planned. Will blog updates soon:-)

Daniel Tunmore said...

that is very good and will be wonderful when finished I found it very similar to work by