Tuesday, November 02, 2010

'New' blog!

A Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil on gessoboard
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Couldn't resist playing around with templates in Blogger and give my blog a bit of a make over. I'm happy with this template (for now:)) but may make a few small changes here and there over the next couple of weeks. I know you can add pages for example, and I want to see if I can do this - hopefully it should be simple enough! Staying on the subject of my blog I'd like to draw your attention to the link to my Facebook page (on the sidebar to the right) and encourage anyone interested to follow my work and goings on there too - I tend to update this page slightly more frequently than I do my blog for some reason.

I've made a start on my next portrait, which is of a Rough Collie - not enough to warrant a photo for my blog just yet but those will follow over the next couple of days. I always find the start of a drawing takes the longest time as I find my way around and get to know my subject. I prefer the middle stage when everything seems to 'flow' a lot better.

The image in todays post is my Lab on gessoboard started back in September and currently still a work in progress. I'm still deciding what exactly I want to do with the background and if I should be brave and go for silver leaf in places. Need to give it lots more thought as I'd hate to ruin it at this late stage.


Elena Feltre said...

Complimenti! ...i tuoi disegni sono strepitosi! ...ti seguirò!
Ciao e a presto!

sue said...

Hi Laura
Adding pages is soooooo easy even I managed it (and I'm a total technophobe)!!

I left Facebook some time ago - too much time spent there and no business generated :o)

Look forward to seeing progress on the Lab - whatever you decide to do.

Incidentally, I've just taken on the role of PR/Advertising Director for the UKCPS. Its their 10th anniversary next year and the annual International exhibition in September will be something special so 'watch this space' as they say! I'm pretty excited already :o)

Colette Theriault said...

Love your new blog look Laura but especially, your lab drawing! I think no matter how you change your blog, your drawings will still mesmerize the audience!
I too have a partially started pastel portrait of my lab, (barely have the top of the muzzle finished)...just have been too busy with other art projects to get started on it again.

Laura said...

Hi Elena, thank you and welcome to my blog:-D

Hi Sue, that's encouraging to know but believe me I can struggle at anything computer related - even things that are supposed to be easy and I follow by the book I can get wrong! And congratulations on your new post with the UKCPS, that's great news - so what does that entail? I still haven't entered work to their annual International exhibition despite promising myself each year I'm going to - maybe next year:-D

Hi Colette - glad you like the new look:-D Look forward to seeing your Lab though I bet you're not getting a chance to work on it much in the run up to Christmas. Loved your boxer btw:-D

ivana said...

Your black lab drawing is really well done. I love the detail in his fur and the light reflections. Good luck with the background...I don't think you can go wrong anyway you approach it

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Laura, your work is absolutely amazing! The detail is unbelievable. I paint in watercolor and sometimes I really miss the fine detailed work of pencil and pen. I plan to follow along with your blog. Have you ever painted a sheltie (shetland sheepdog)?

Laura said...

Thank you Ivana:-D

Hi Gretchen and welcome to my blog - delighted that you like my work and will be popping in to see what I'm working on:-D I used to work with watercolours years ago and keep meaning to bring them out again to see what I can do - not the easiest medium to work with! I have drawn a Sheltie, but again this was many years ago, and don't have pictures saved of it unfortunately. Probably just as well as I would find lots of things I would want to change and improve on:-D

Sarah Maccarelli said...

Wow! you are an amazing artist.

Petroley said...

So so so interesting and beautiful blog! I was enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

looks pretty good

Lady Fatô said...

Uau ! You are very good!

Nicole, shetland sheepdog lover said...

Do you sell your paintings? I love your work. Can I give the picture of my Sheltie and then can you paint it? You are definitely a great artist!

Laura said...

Hi Nicole and thank you - I do sell my work and you can see those I have available on my website or here on my blog (see sidebar). I also accept commissioned work and you can contact me to discuss this should you be interested. Hope this helps:)