Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Problems

My computer has annoyingly decided to crash on me so until I know whether it is fixable or not I will be offline for the next few days (possibly more - unless I can separate my daughter from her laptop!). This of course means I can't answer emails, etc, but will reply as soon as I can. Computers! Why do they have to give up on you?!?!


sue said...

We were without phone or internet yesterday for 7 hours ... what on earth did we do in the 'dark ages' before computers ????

Hope you get it sorted soon

Sadami said...

Hang in there, Laura!!
I perfectly understand your situation. Ever since the serious computer trouble, I believe keeping a good computer shop is a part of an artist's serious business, especially, "case of emergency". Hope the computer will work soon and not cost you much, if any.
Best regards, Sadami

Laura said...

Managed to 'borrow' my daughters laptop while she is out - really missing my computer now! Spent most of the morning in PC World while they looked at my computer and was told to come back in the afternoon which I did, picked it up all 'fixed' and got home to find it wasn't!! Another trip back to PC World tomorrow - very frustrating but delighted I don't have to buy a new one (at least for now:)) Sad really when you think about how much we rely on our computers:-D