Monday, May 31, 2010


I’ve made a start on another graphite drawing and beginning to wonder if I’ll ever use my coloured pencils again! It feels almost strange doing one pencil drawing after the next having worked almost exclusively with coloured pencil for the past 6 years, but at the same time I like not having to think about colour and instead just concentrate on the tones. I find pencil very relaxing – exactly what I need just now. Picasso had his Blue Period and it looks like I'm having my ‘Graphite Period’:D Just as well really, as I’ve packed my coloured pencils away, amongst other things of course, ready for when my daughter and I move house.

The subject of this drawing is a very handsome boxer called Hugo. I blame him entirely for my love of Boxers and it was thanks to him that we got our own little Boxer, Zara, who sadly no longer lives with us. This is one of those drawings I’ve promised myself I’ll do but never got round to doing! Not much left to do on him now.

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010


sue said...

Hugo has a very expressive face - beautifully drawn as ever Laura. What size is this?

Good luck with your house-move ... I've sworn never to move again after the hassle we had 3 years ago (we sold ours then had a delay with our new-build so we were 'homeless' for 9 weeks and had to put everything in storage (very expensive and frustrating).

Laura said...

Thanks Sue, this drawing is approx. 10'x8'so not a big one:D

I'm not looking forward to moving house again - it doesn't seem that long since we've been here but I've been left with no choice really. At least I'm not going to be homeless though - that must have been a very stressful time for you both and thankfully now merely a bad memory. Don't think I'd ever want to move from your house either if I stayed where you live. Was watching Relocation Relocation just the other day and Whitstable was where this couple wanted to stay and I don't blame them - gorgeous!

Michelle Smith said...


Janey said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. Amazing you can get so much detail into 8 x 10".
We had a boxer too, they're lovely dogs.

Sam Gilmore said...

Looks great. How long does it take to draw? Your pencil work is fantastic. Pencils are great for tone and value...but please don't give up on color all together. ;) Have you ever tried painting?

Judy said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Hugo reminds me so much of a Boxer we adopted from Boxer Rescue after we had lost our other beautiful Boxer girl Jess.

I am actually working on a scratchboard of a Boxer at the moment. said...

Beautiful work Laura, such a handsome looking dog.
I hope your move goes well and your new home will be the start of happier times for you.

Laura said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments!

Sam, it depends what I'm drawing as to how long it will take me. This drawing for example is probably about 20-25 hours so far. I don't think I could give up on my coloured pencils and I'm sure you'll see them being used in my work again soon (well after we're settled into our new home:)) I'm always thinking about bringing out my paints again but haven't quite got round to it yet - I used to paint a long time ago now but will definately be doing some paintings in the future I'm sure:D

Judy, I love working with scratchboard and can get lost working on a piece:D Would love to see your Boxer when it's done!

Thank you Geraldine for your good wishes on my move - hoping it goes smoothly:D

Judy said...

Hi Laura

I finished my scratchboard of a white Boxer today, well I think it is finished unless I see something that needs to be done - you can see pics of here:-

I absolutely love your work and wish you all the best for your move.

Dors said...

Your graphite work is amazing. I love it and I know what you mean about concentrating on tone rather than color.
I do CP work but I have to say I am totally addicted to graphite.

Great work.

Highton-Ridley said...

Looking very good, Laura. You really capture something of the soul of the animals you draw. Nice!

Artoholic said...

Ah, just magic!

Watching a furry personality emerge from a blank white sheet is just captivating!



Laura said...

Judy, I have just had a look at your boxer and it is great! I love working with scratchboard but haven't done so for a couple of years now but seeing your boxer makes me want to do another. Beautiful work:D

Thank you Dors:D I'm loving working with graphite just now and can't see me getting my coloured pencils out for a while. Only problem I have with it is that it is impossible to get a good scan - so frustrating!

Hi Highton-Ridley and thank you, I'm delighted you think so:D

And thank you too Cindy:D