Friday, March 05, 2010

Another Lab

Its been a busy but non eventful week with one thing or another resulting in very little drawing time. Also spent too much time procrastinating if I’m being honest.

I made a start on Ruby, another yellow lab but much lighter in colour than Sandy, and was able to spend the majority of today with pencils in hand bringing her nearer to completion. I’ve tried to get a good scan of the progress shots but it just wasn’t happening unfortunately – a problem I have with all light coloured dogs it seems.

A Work in Progress
Copyright Laura Hardie 2010

Like I said, not the best scan but hopefully there's enough there to give you an idea of what she looks like.


Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Laura. Every portrait of yours I see I am amazed at how alive and emotional they are. It's not just a 'picture' of a dog, but a moving, feeling portrait. Well done!

Crystal Cook said...

And, I spend way too much time procrastinating too :)

Jai Johnson • JaiArt.Com said...

Excellent work! The detail is just exquisite. Makes me want to pick up my color pencils's been so long, I've probably forgotten how to use them. But this is very inspiring - you are truly capturing the essence of this dog.

Sujit Sudhi said...

Good Lord! Your work is breathtaking. I am up on my feet and clapping.

Laura said...

Crystal, thank you - what a great compliment:D And glad I'm not the only one procrastinating:)

Thank you Jai - I love it when I hear my work inspires others to pick up their coloured pencils again. Happy drawing:D

Thank you Sujit and welcome to my blog:D